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Notre Dame Takes Over Family Legacy with Plaxico Burress’s Son Elijah Committing to the Program


Feb 11, 2024
Plaxico Burress’ son, Elijah, makes commitment to Notre Dame

Elijah Burress, the son of Plaxico Burress, has made the decision to pursue his college football career at Notre Dame. Standing at 6 feet 1 inch, Elijah is a junior wide receiver at DePaul Catholic High School in Wayne, New Jersey. His commitment is a significant addition to Notre Dame’s already impressive recruiting class for 2025.

Notre Dame’s recruitment efforts have also secured Ivan Taylor, the son of former NFL player Ike Taylor and a cornerback. Ike Taylor was a teammate of Plaxico Burress during his time in the NFL.

Ivan’s commitment reflects Notre Dame’s growing reputation as a top destination for talented high school athletes looking to pursue their dreams in college football. The Fighting Irish have been known for their strong recruiting classes in recent years, and this latest addition only solidifies their position as one of the most dominant programs in the country.

Plaxico Burress, after playing college football at Michigan State, went on to have a successful NFL career, playing for the Steelers, Giants, and Jets. A memorable moment in his career was catching the game-winning touchdown pass in Super Bowl XLII, and he celebrated this achievement with his son, Elijah, on the field.

Elijah’s commitment to Notre Dame reflects the continuation of his family’s legacy in football. His father played college football at Rutgers before being drafted by the Giants in 2003. He had an up-and-down career in the NFL but is best known for accidentally shooting himself outside of a nightclub in 2008. Since then, he has focused on turning his life around and becoming a positive role model for young people.

With Elijah on board, Notre Dame will continue to build its talent base and compete for championships in college football for years to come.

Overall, Elijah’s commitment to Notre Dame reflects not only his own talent but also his family’s rich history in football. It is clear that Notre Dame’s recruiting efforts are paying off as they continue to attract top talent from across the country.

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