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Oršić Resumes Playing After Nearly Four Months of Injury: Welcome Back!


Nov 20, 2023

Mislav Oršić’s arrival at Trabzonspor was met with excitement by the Croatian national team player, but his dream of becoming a regular starter in the Turkish first league has not yet come to fruition. In one of his first training sessions, he suffered a serious injury that kept him out of action for almost four months. Despite this setback, Oršić is determined to turn things around and make the most of his time at Trabzonspor.

In recent news, it has been reported that Nenad Bjelica, who had previously insisted on Oršić’s arrival, is no longer a part of the team. This change in management could mean that Oršić finally gets the opportunity to play and showcase his skills on the field.

However, other players like Filip Benković and Tonio Teklić have also faced challenges since Bjelica’s departure. Benković was previously a mainstay in the first team but has now been relegated to the bench, while Teklić only changes position between the bench and stands. This raises questions about what plans the new coach Abdullah Avci has for these players.

The uncertain future of Oršić and his fellow Croatian players at Trabzonspor is further complicated by the fact that the club is currently performing well after Bjelica’s departure. In their last four games, they have registered three victories and a draw, which has raised doubts about what plans Avci has for them moving forward.

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