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Police and HNS Provide Vital Updates for Tonight’s Critical Croatia Match at Maksimir


Nov 21, 2023

Tonight at 8:45 PM, Croatia will face Armenia in the final round of qualification for the European Championship. This crucial match can secure their place in Germany, and Luka Modrić and the team will receive great support from over 20 thousand spectators at Maksimir stadium. Despite the anticipated bad weather, it is expected that spectators will fill the stadium and support their national team.

HNS has prepared a rich program leading up to the match, including a fan zone outside the stadium where popular musicians Mate Bulić and Tiho Orlić will perform. The fan zone will be open to visitors from 5:00 p.m.

To ensure the safety of the event, special security measures and traffic regulations will be enforced at the stadium and surrounding areas. The police will be present to prevent illegal behavior and protect the safety of all citizens. Visitors are encouraged to arrive early to avoid any delays. The gates will open at 6:45 p.m., and several parking areas around the stadium will be temporarily closed to traffic. It is recommended that visitors use public transport to avoid traffic congestion.

During the match, visitors are expected to follow guidelines and respect instructions from police officers. In addition, fans are urged to behave appropriately and refrain from any racist or discriminatory behavior. The Croatian Football Association and Zagreb Police Department have also announced that they plan to audio and video record the public gathering before, during, and after the football match, which is in place to ensure smooth operation of sporting event.

Overall, this game is crucial for Croatia’s qualification for European Championship and it’s important that everyone involved follow guidelines for a safe event while supporting their national team

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