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Police Raid Exposes Slovenian Paedophiles’ Dark Web Purchases of Abusive Content


Nov 21, 2023

In a major international operation, Croatian authorities have seized over 50 digital devices from eight suspects in a child pornography case. The investigation aims to determine the extent of the crimes committed, whether the suspects shared photos with child pornography, and how they obtained the photos. One of the suspects has been arrested, and a child was saved from Croatian pedophiles in the process. While the Croatian police have not disclosed much information about the investigation, their counterparts in Slovenia have revealed more details.

In Slovenia, eight citizens have been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing children and minors over the internet. However, it is still unclear whether they are connected. Slovenian authorities believe that these suspects engaged in multiple offenses related to exposure, production, possession, and forwarding of pornographic material depicting sexual abuse of minors. For such crimes in Slovenia, a sentence of six months to eight years in prison is prohibited. The suspects used various internet connections to access dark web links and conduct their activities anonymously.

Meanwhile, three individuals were arrested for child pornography as part of an international campaign called “Mosaic” in Montenegro. The Montenegrin police conducted their own operation called “Temid,” primarily aimed at protecting minors and preventing the exchange or distribution of pornographic material created by minors.

The main suspects in both countries used digital devices to obtain images depicting sexual abuse of children and made purchases using cryptocurrency to hide their actions and identities. The investigation involves analyzing these devices and gathering evidence to prosecute the suspects for their crimes.

The international operation involved multiple law enforcement agencies across Europe working together to identify and apprehend those responsible for creating and distributing child pornography online. Overall, this successful collaboration demonstrates the importance of coordination between law enforcement agencies when dealing with cross-border cases involving child exploitation online.

While this operation has resulted in several arrests and rescued a child from harm, it is crucial that efforts continue to prevent such crimes from happening again. Law enforcement agencies must work tirelessly to stay ahead of perpetrators who use advanced technology to evade detection while engaging in illegal activities that harm innocent children.

The fight against online child exploitation requires constant vigilance from law enforcement agencies worldwide as well as cooperation between governments

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