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Rallying Behind Domestic Semiconductor Manufacturing: A Response to National Security Threats and Competition in AI

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Intel Secures Government Funding for Chip Plants to Ensure Economic Security

Wayne Sadin, an Acceleration Economy analyst and PriceSmartCIO expert, discusses the US government’s $8.5 billion funding initiative for Intel to support chip factories and development in the country. He highlights the decline of US manufacturing in the computer chip sector, which now represents only 12% of worldwide capacity. The disproportionate manufacturing of advanced semiconductors in Taiwan makes this issue even more concerning.

Despite being a free market proponent, Wayne acknowledges the responsibility of the US government to protect national security and justifies funding for this initiative. He emphasizes that the competition between Intel and companies like NVIDIA is fierce in areas such as AI, with CEOs vying to become leaders in chip design and foundry globally.

As both a CIO and an American citizen, Wayne sees benefits in this initiative for ensuring a stable supply chain, especially during uncertain times when parts could be disrupted from overseas. While there are concerns about government intervention in free markets, this initiative could ultimately help meet future demands while protecting national security interests.

By Samantha Nguyen

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