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Redefining the Renault Espace: The Legendary Vehicle’s Latest Generation Transformation into an SUV


Feb 12, 2024
The evolution of Espace: Still the most impressive Renault

Renault Espace is a legendary model that has undergone significant changes in its latest generation. The once-minivan has transformed into a traditional large SUV, mirroring the shift in the automotive industry as a whole. Despite losing some of its elegance, the Espace remains an impressive and practical vehicle, offering plenty of seating and trunk space.

The redefinition of the Espace’s identity has led to its departure from minivan origins. It now boasts a larger and more spacious design that resembles an SUV. While this change may have caused some concerns about maneuverability, Renault has addressed these concerns by incorporating advanced steering systems on all wheels. The 4Control steering system enables faster cornering and smoother parking and maneuvering, making it an excellent choice for families seeking both comfort and practicality.

In terms of interior space, the Espace is incredibly generous, with seven seats coming standard. The car also offers an option for a five-seater version with additional trunk space. However, the third row’s limited space makes it less suitable for adults on longer journeys. When fully utilized, the trunk can offer up to 477 liters of space, while this expands to 159 liters when the back seats are folded down.

The Espace’s hybrid drive system is another highlight of this vehicle, providing high efficiency and fuel economy. With a complex system that delivers smooth driving experiences covering 80% of city journeys on electric power, this vehicle stands out as being both practical and economical. However, there are minor electric motor limitations such as a 175 km/h speed cap and slightly delayed gear shifts that drivers should be aware of when considering purchasing this vehicle.

Overall, the Renault Espace remains an excellent choice for larger families seeking spacious yet elegant transportation options despite its speed limitations. With comfort features like digital instruments and Google-powered infotainment systems along with ample interior space and efficient driving capabilities, it is sure to impress even those who prefer more affordable options like the Austral.

In conclusion, Renault’s iconic Espace is redefined as an SUV in its latest generation while still maintaining its unique character as a spacious vehicle with comfortable features

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