• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Reduced Fuel Prices: New Rates Now Available


Nov 20, 2023

The government has passed a decree determining the highest retail prices of oil derivatives at a telephonic session on Monday. These new prices will be valid for the next two weeks and will come into force today.

The reduction in price for gasoline fuel is 0.02 EUR/l (10.85 kn/l), making it 1.44 EUR/l (11.00 HRK/l). For diesel fuel, the reduction is 0.06 EUR/l, making it 1.46 EUR/l (11.00 HRK/l). Blue diesel has a reduction of 0.06 EUR/l, bringing its price to 0.92 EUR/l (6.93 HRK/l). LPG for tanks now costs 1.17 EUR/kg (8.82 HRK/kg) after a reduction of 0.05 EUR/kg, while LPG for bottles will cost 1.73 EUR/kg (13

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