• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Revolutionary Insulation Technology Unveiled by Whirlpool for Refrigerators


Nov 19, 2023

Whirlpool has recently announced an exciting new advancement in refrigerator technology that will make fridges more efficient and able to store more items. Spokesperson Eleanor Reece tells us that the engineering team has developed a new technology called SlimTech, which is a new way to insulate the walls of the refrigerators.

Reece explains that this means more energy efficiency, food that stays fresh longer, quieter refrigerators, and more space. “It actually means that the walls are up to 66% thinner, which will provide more space in the refrigerator, up to 25% more capacity,” she says.

The engineers at Whirlpool have been working on this technology for years and have secured 180 patents as it was developed. The material used in SlimTech insulation technology also has the potential to be recycled, which Whirlpool is currently working on.

Refrigerators with SlimTech insulation will be built at Whirlpool’s operation in Ottawa, Ohio, where the company has invested $65 million in the plant. They will start rolling out SlimTech in North America in 2024 with JennAir model refrigerators.

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