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Revolutionizing App Installations: Apple Introduces Direct Downloads from Developer Websites and Improves Privacy Measures in iOS 17.5 Beta 1

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 3, 2024
In iOS 17.5 Beta 1, Apple now allows app installation from developer websites.

In March, Apple announced that it would allow the installation of applications directly from a developer’s website in compliance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) that came into effect. This capability has now been introduced in Beta 1 of iOS 17.5, currently being tested by developers until the final consumer version is released in May.

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In addition to the change allowing for direct installation from developer websites, Apple has also included mentions in the code of Beta 1 of a system designed to prevent unwanted tracking of users with devices like AirTags. This system will also allow users to deactivate such tracking.

By Samantha Nguyen

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