• Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: Sheba Medical Center Embraces Imagene’s AI-Powered Technology


Feb 13, 2024
Advancements in Israeli technology: AI-assisted biopsy

The new development at the Sheba Medical Center is a game-changer in cancer treatment. Imagene, a Tel Aviv start-up company founded in 2020 by three young developers, has developed an artificial intelligence technology that can quickly identify the characteristics of cancerous tumors through digital scans of biopsies.

In the past, biopsy samples were transferred between laboratories on fragile glass, which took a long time and put patients’ lives at risk. However, with digital scanning, doctors can view samples from anywhere in the world and provide quick answers to patients even when they are not in the laboratory.

The computers at the pathology laboratory are now working overtime as artificial intelligence algorithms scan thousands of different features to identify the mutations present in the tumor. Within minutes, doctors receive an indication of the type of cancer so that they can decide on treatment options.

One example is patients with metastatic lung cancer who had to wait three weeks for genetic sequencing of their tumors. Now, with imagene’s technology, they receive an initial answer within a few minutes, which is checked for accuracy and immediately forwarded to the oncologist for treatment decisions. This advanced technology has saved lives at Sheba Medical Center.

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