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Revolutionizing E-Reading: TCL’s Nxtpaper Technology Launches in Argentina with Full RGB Colors and Anti-Glare Display

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 3, 2024
Which cell phone with a “paper-type” screen mimicking electronic books is currently available in Argentina?

TCL’s Nxtpaper technology is revolutionizing the world of e-readers with its innovative screens that offer a full RGB color palette and an anti-glare and anti-blue light experience. This screen technology, which was first unveiled at CES 2021, is now available in Argentina for the 40 Nxtpaper model.

The Nxtpaper screen provides a visual experience similar to tablets from popular brands such as Huawei, Kindle, Amazon, and Kobo by Rakuten. However, its main feature is the full RGB color palette it offers, unlike glossy smartphone screens that can produce glare in sunlight. The matte texture of the screen reduces glare and fingerprint smudges, making outdoor reading more comfortable.

TCL has gained recognition in the market for its display technology, from televisions to smart glasses. The Nxtpaper line has been showcased as an affordable option for tablets and computers. Smartphones with Nxtpaper technology offer comfortable viewing experiences with features like automatic brightness and color temperature adjustments for different environments.

The Nxtpaper smartphone offers a versatile user interface that allows users to choose between full-color or black-and-white displays to suit their preferences. It also comes equipped with advanced features such as a 32MP selfie camera, dual speakers with 3D boom sound, and a triple camera system at the rear. With fast performance capabilities and ample storage space (256GB) and RAM (8GB), this device is perfect for multitasking and document handling.

The large 6.6″ HD+ Nxtpaper display makes it ideal for extended reading sessions, while its paper-like viewing experience ensures that documents look just like printed copies. The device’s versatile camera system and AI features ensure high-quality photos and videos, making it suitable for both personal and professional use. All these features make the Nxtpaper smartphone a compelling option for users looking for a unique visual experience on a mobile device at an affordable price point starting from 300,000 pesos in Argentina.

In summary, TCL’s NxtPaper technology provides an innovative visual experience on mobile devices through its full RGB color palette capability, anti-glare feature that reduces eye strain while reading outdoors or watching content in bright lighting conditions, along with advanced features like dual speakers with 3D boom sound quality and fast performance capabilities that make it suitable for both personal

By Samantha Nguyen

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