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Revolutionizing the Political Process: The Direct Election of the President of the Council of Ministers in India

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 3, 2024
Senate approves direct election of prime minister

The Senate’s Constitutional Affairs Commission has approved the government’s amendment that modifies Article 92 of the Constitution and introduces the direct election of the President of the Council of Ministers. Under the approved text, the government is made up of the Prime Minister and ministers who, together, constitute the Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister is elected by universal and direct suffrage for a term of five years, with no more than two consecutive legislatures, increased to three if he held office for less than seven years and six months in previous ones. Elections for the Chambers and Prime Minister are held at the same time.

The law regulates the system for electing the Chambers and Prime Minister, awarding a prize on a national basis that ensures a majority of seats in each Chamber for lists and candidates linked to the Prime Minister, in compliance with representativeness principles. The Prime Minister is elected in the Chamber where he presented his candidacy, and the President confers on him the task of forming his government. Additionally, the President appoints and revokes ministers on behalf of the Prime Minister.

This change in election process aims to create a more direct and democratic system for selecting head of government. By introducing direct suffrage for Prime Minister, government aims to increase transparency and accountability in political system. This amendment also streamlines process of government formation by granting elected prime minister authority to appoint and revoke ministers. Overall this amendment represents a step towards a more representative and responsive government structure.

By Samantha Nguyen

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