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Revolutionizing Women’s Volleyball in the MAC: New Regular Season Format for 2024

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
2024 Women’s Volleyball League Schedule Released by MAC

On Wednesday, March 27, the Mid-American Conference announced changes to the women’s volleyball regular season format for the 2024 season. One of the major changes is the elimination of divisions and the introduction of new travel partners for all 12 MAC teams. Each team will play an 18-match league schedule with nine home games and nine away games.

The teams will face seven opposing programs twice, with three two-game series at home and two on the road. Additionally, each team will also play its designated travel partner both at home and away. Ball State’s travel partner for the season will be Miami.

To complete the schedule, teams will play the remaining four league programs once, with two of those games at home and two on the road. This new approach to scheduling is designed to be created annually after the release of the football schedule in order to avoid conflicting home dates for both sports.

In summary, Ball State’s volleyball schedule for the 2024 season includes hosting Bowling Green, Akron, Buffalo, Eastern Michigan, Miami, and Western Michigan on various dates. Their away matches will be held at Central Michigan, Miami, Ohio, Kent State, Northern Illinois

By Samantha Nguyen

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