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Rise of Feminism: How Taylor Swift’s Tour Concert Film Inspires Chinese Women


Feb 12, 2024
Attracting Women Fed up with the Conservative Xi Jinping Era

In China, the recent screening of the tour concert film Erase the Taylor Swift has sparked a feminist movement among young women. Despite President Xi Jinping’s increasingly conservative views on gender roles, the film provided a rare outlet for young women rejecting social controls and the rigid expectations of the Communist Party.

The film resonated with a younger, more gender-aware generation in China, which is patriarchal and traditionally values male dominance. Many educated Chinese women are critical of sexual harassment, male violence, and discrimination in the labor market. They see Taylor Swift as a symbol of American society and welcome her in China.

The absence of Taylor Swift’s tour in China comes at a time when the country is struggling with economic challenges, including a drop in consumer confidence and a slowdown in the overall economy. However, the screening of the tour concert film in China has provided a financial boost to the industry, grossing 95 million yuan at the box office.

Chinese feminists have embraced the film as a rare outlet for young women who are frustrated by censorship of concerts, movies, and streaming content. Despite being symbols of Western society, Taylor Swift has been welcomed in China and sold out tickets within minutes at her Shanghai stop during her 2024 tour.

Many attendees expressed that they felt empowered and courageous after watching the film. As it continues its run in China during Lunar New Year holiday season, fans across the country are eagerly waiting to attend shows while feeling powerful and brave.

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