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Rising from the Ashes: Italy’s Day of Remembrance Shines a Light on Foibe Massacres and Invites Forgiveness


Feb 11, 2024
Meloni and Tajani visit Basovizza to seek forgiveness for a guilty silence

The Day of Remembrance has brought attention to a tragic period in history that was previously shrouded in silence and indifference. This year, the ceremony in Basovizza, held on the day of commemoration of the foibe massacres and Julian-Dalmatian exodus, served as a powerful reminder of the events that occurred in the country’s eastern border. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni addressed the citizens directly, acknowledging their pain and emphasizing the need to remember the innocent victims and ask for forgiveness for the past silence of Italy’s institutions.

Established in 2004, the Day of Remembrance holds significant importance in acknowledging Italy’s painful history and honoring its innocent victims. In addition to commemorative events, this year also saw discussions about personal growth and development as well as music-oriented tutorials. Other content included online audiobooks, educational administration, lotteries, transformants, sports enthusiasts, website building tips, domain migration advice.

Through these events and discussions, it is clear that Italy is committed to ensuring that its memory of these tragic events never fades away.

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