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Robotic Surgery Immersion: High School Students Get Up Close and Personal with Healthcare’s Future

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 21, 2024
Surgeon from Mercy Hospital introduces high school students to the innovative world of robotic surgery

High school students recently had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of robotic surgery at Mercy Hospital in Sacramento. Guided by Mercy Hospital surgeon Tyler Robinson, the students were able to witness and participate in the intricate process of scrubbing in and operating one of the hospital’s surgical robots. Students like Taylor Rogers and Kathlin Whitehead expressed their excitement and fascination with the innovative technology used in surgical procedures.

The use of robotics in surgery has become increasingly common worldwide over the past decade, allowing for more efficient, minimally invasive, precise procedures with quicker recovery times. Jennifer Johnston, the advanced robotics coordinator at Mercy General Hospital, highlighted the importance of introducing students to this future of surgical medicine through robots. This 10-week program was a collaboration between the high school and Mercy General Hospital to provide students with real-life exposure to various healthcare opportunities.

Dr. Robinson emphasized the benefits of using robotic technology in surgery and how it has revolutionized the field. He mentioned that young people, who are already familiar with and dependent on technology, are well-positioned to adapt to and utilize these advancements in healthcare. This demonstration was not only educational but also inspired many students to consider careers in healthcare and contribute to the evolving landscape of surgical medicine.

This experience was a unique opportunity for high school students as it was their first time seeing such an advanced medical procedure up close. The program allowed them to see firsthand how technology is transforming healthcare by providing more precise and efficient procedures while minimizing invasiveness.

In conclusion, this 10-week program provided high school students with a rare opportunity to learn about the use of robotics in surgery from professionals who have been working at Mercy General Hospital for years. The program showcased how advanced technology is revolutionizing healthcare by providing more precise procedures while minimizing invasiveness. It inspired many students to consider careers in healthcare and contributed significantly towards their understanding of surgical medicine’s future landscape.

By Samantha Nguyen

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