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Russian Authorities and Human Rights Activists Condemn Use of Torture in Wake of Deadly Concert Hall Attack”.

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 25, 2024
Putin shifts blame to “radical Islamists” while also targeting Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed responsibility for the attack at a concert hall near Moscow, stating that it was committed by radical Islamists. During a televised meeting, Putin accused Ukraine of being involved in the shooting, which left at least 137 people dead. The Kremlin imposed pre-trial detention on three individuals involved in the attack, bringing the total number of terror suspects in custody to seven.

The suspects appeared before a judge and three of them reportedly pleaded guilty. Despite the Islamic State claiming responsibility for the attack, Russian officials have suggested that Ukraine may have been involved without evidence. The White House dismissed these claims as Kremlin propaganda and stated that the attack was carried out by ISIS fighters. There have been reports of torture and injuries sustained by the suspects while in custody, prompting condemnation from human rights activists.

Russian human rights activists believe that the use of torture undermines the credibility of evidence obtained and perpetuates violence in society. They also see it as a tactic to distract from failures within the Russian security services before the attack. Three days after the incident, 97 injured individuals were still receiving treatment in hospitals with a death toll of 137 and over 180 injured.

The incident has gripped Russia with grieving individuals laying flowers at a makeshift memorial at the site of tragedy. Investigations are ongoing, but questions remain about motives and perpetrators of this heinous crime on Russian soil.

By Samantha Nguyen

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