• Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Small but Mighty: How the End of Football Season is Affecting Valentine’s Day Floral Sales.


Feb 13, 2024
People are looking for ways to spend less on Valentine’s Day due to the economy

In the current economic climate, some people are opting to scale back their Valentine’s Day purchases this year. This trend has been observed by Stephanie Latimer, the operator of a floral shop in Grinnell. She says that while there has not been a significant shift, she has noticed a slight change in consumer behavior.

Latimer explains that instead of buying large bouquets of red roses, customers are now choosing smaller and more compact flower arrangements. These bouquets may be accompanied by add-ons such as balloons to make them more visually appealing.

As a member of the National Alliance of Florists Association, Latimer has observed similar purchase trends in other states. She predicts that business will peak today and tomorrow as people rush to purchase Valentine’s Day gifts before the holiday ends.

“We typically have a store full of people and phones ringing off the hook,” Latimer says. “If we don’t have a store full of people, we’ll have orders streaming in from our shoppable website.”

Latimer believes that this shift in focus is due to the end of the football season on Sunday, which may have prompted many people to delay their gift-giving until after the game ended. Despite these changes, Latimer remains optimistic about business for Valentine’s Day this year.

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