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Smart Irrigation Solutions: Lumo Partners with PumpMan NorCal for Innovative Water Management in Northern California

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 28, 2024
PumpMan NorCal and World Pumps team up to introduce smart irrigation technology to California farmers

Lumo, a smart irrigation technology firm, has partnered with PumpMan NorCal to bring their innovative products to farmers in Northern California. PumpMan NorCal will be responsible for stocking, promoting, demonstrating, installing, and servicing Lumo One in all irrigation systems within the region.

Lumo offers two products that can help growers precisely monitor and control the amount of water applied to their crops: Lumo One, a smart irrigation valve, and Ops Center, a software for irrigation management. These tools enable growers to minimize water wastage and eliminate irrigation uncertainty.

Jason Smith, the general manager of PumpMan NorCal, praised Lumo’s technology and emphasized the importance of efficient distribution. Devon Wright, CEO of Lumo, expressed excitement about the partnership and highlighted the shared commitment to advancing water conservation in agriculture.

With this partnership between two companies committed to sustainability in agriculture and water conservation, growers in Northern California can expect significant value from cutting-edge irrigation solutions combined with extensive service capabilities and distribution networks.

By Samantha Nguyen

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