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Stellantis and Unions Reach Agreement to Reduce Workforce in Turin

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Stellantis Agrees to Voluntary Exit of 1,520 Employees

A plan has been reached between Stellantis and metalworking unions in Turin for the departure of 1,520 workers from 21 group companies in the area. This agreement is being implemented as part of an effort to address the economic challenges currently faced by the company. The announcement was made by Uilm, a prominent workers’ union.

According to Luigi Paone, general secretary of Uilm Turin, this decision reflects the need for streamlining operations and adapting to changing market conditions. Of the 1,520 workers being incentivized to leave, 733 are from central structures (employees and managers) while 300 are from the Mirafiori body shops. The high number of exits requested by the company highlights the severity of the current situation.

Paone emphasizes that there is an urgent need for engaging with Stellantis and relevant institutions to develop a comprehensive plan for the future of Mirafiori and its workforce. The goal is to create a sustainable path for growth and prosperity, ensuring the long-term viability of operations in the area. This agreement marks a crucial step towards securing Stellantis’s future in Turin amidst challenging economic conditions.

By Samantha Nguyen

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