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Stunning Sunset Views from Mosor: A Clear Sky Revealed Italy in the Distance


Nov 19, 2023

The weather on Saturday was a cause for excitement for many people who had been waiting for the perfect storm and air temperatures for weeks or even months. The sky was “cleaned” and visibility was excellent, creating stunning sunset scenes that were captured by photographer and editor-in-chief Rade Popadić of DalmacijaDanas from Mosor. From this location, Italy could be seen from our coast, a rare occurrence that only happens a few times a year after a strong storm clears the atmosphere. However, these scenes were even more rare, happening only once every few years.

The sun set behind the Gran Sasso massif, with the rock of Jabuka and Monte Amaro visible on the horizon. Popadić took all the incredible photos using a 500 mm lens, capturing the subsided storm from the previous night. The optical phenomenon of the upper mirage combined with the clear conditions created the perfect sunset and early evening spectacle. Italy “emerged” over the horizon at exactly the time of sunset, with Apennines massifs visible from the outer islands of Dalmatia and coastal mountains above 500 meters above sea level. The largest Apennine massif, Gran Sasso, was visible on the horizon behind Šolta Island with Islet Jabuka in front of it. The highest peak of Apennines, Corno Grande, rose at 2912 meters further west.

Popadić stated that Italy could only be seen a few times a year from our coast after a stronger storm but Saturday’s scenes were those that only happen once every few years. He added that this time visibility was so good that not only central Apennine massif but also lower ones like Monte Amaro were visible in detail. You can see more photos by visiting the provided link to witness these breathtaking moments fully!

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