• Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Super Bowl LIX Odds: 49ers Set to Repeat as Champions; Chiefs and Ravens Hot on Their Tail


Feb 12, 2024
San Francisco 49ers listed as top contenders for Super Bowl LIX

As the dust settles on Super Bowl LVIII, the 49ers are set to bounce back and win Super Bowl LIX according to odds released by sportsbooks. The odds they’re getting vary from book to book but are generally around +550, making them the clear favorites. The Chiefs, who won Super Bowl LIV as AFC champions, come in second with slightly lower odds.

Following close behind are the Ravens, who lost to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game last season. The Lions and Bills round out the top five teams, although their positions may be shuffled depending on early action from sportsbooks.

The next group of teams includes the Bengals, Cowboys, Eagles, Dolphins, Packers, and Texans in varying orders. Caesars Sportsbook assistant director Adam Pullen has reported that he’s seen a lot of early action backing both the Lions and Chargers. This suggests that these two teams could be contenders for a spot in the top five come January 26th.

The Panthers have been given long Super Bowl odds for Dave Canales’ first season as head coach. However, it’s worth noting that this is just an initial prediction based on past performance and other factors such as player injuries or trades can significantly impact a team’s chances of winning it all come February 2nd.

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