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Surrogate Mother: Woman’s Return from Military Service Brings New Hope to Wolfson Hospital


Nov 20, 2023

Dr. Kinneret Riskin Gaz, a 34-year-old medical professional serving in a significant position in the medical industry, explained that her job revolves around treating wounded individuals who come from within the border. Her primary responsibilities include providing initial treatment, stabilizing their condition in emergency situations, and evacuating the injured. As a doctor, she emphasized how her training and expertise make her uniquely equipped to handle such situations.

Despite the challenges of being on active duty and giving birth, Dr. Kinneret was thrilled when her sister-in-law Hadar went into labor on her husband’s birthday. Hadar spoke about her experience giving birth, highlighting the support and care she received from Dr. Kinneret and her husband. She expressed her excitement at giving birth at Wolfson and credited Dr. Kinneret and her husband for making the experience perfect.

The Women’s and Obstetrics Department Director at Wolfson Medical Center, Prof. Eran Weiner, commended Dr. Kinneret for combining combat and midwifery skills in her role as a doctor in a critical position. When asked what message she had for women, Dr. Kinneret urged them to believe in themselves and their capabilities. She emphasized the strength and power of women and encouraged them to pursue any position they desire with unwavering confidence in their ability to succeed.

Dr. Kinneret believes that women have significant contributions to make in various roles, regardless of their background or experience level. She encourages women to take risks and pursue their dreams with passion and determination.

Overall, Dr. Kinneret is an inspiration to many women who aspire to become doctors or work in critical positions within the medical industry.

As a journalist rewriting this article, I found it interesting that Dr. Riskin Gaz combined two very different roles – combat medicine and obstetric care – into one job description.

In addition to sharing information about her job responsibilities as a doctor working inside Israel’s border zone,

Dr. Riskin Gaz also shared how proud she was of her sister-in-law’s successful labor delivery on her husband’s birthday while on active duty.

Furthermore, Professor Eran Weiner praised Dr Riskin Gaz’s unique combination of combat medicine expertise with obstetric care skills as highly effective.

It is fascinating how one person can possess such diverse skill sets while excelling at both professions simultaneously.

Lastly, Dr Riskin Gaz’s message encouraging women to believe in themselves is powerful reminder that gender should not limit anyone from pursuing their passions or achieving success in any field they choose.

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