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Syracuse Redevelopment Commission Approves Sale of Lot 7 to Titan Concrete Despite Potential Utility Issues

BySamantha Nguyen

May 25, 2024
Syracuse Research and Development Council (RDC) Gives Green Light to Sale of Lot 7 in Technology Park – InkFreeNews.com

During a recent meeting, members of the Syracuse Redevelopment Commission discussed the sale of Lot 7 in the Syracuse Tech Park. In attendance were Virginia Cazier, the Syracuse Clerk-Treasurer; David Rosenberry, JIm Layne, Jeff Goralclzyk, David Wilkinson, Syracuse Town Manager, Nathan Scherer, Corey Mast, and Don Bokhart from Wawasee Community Schools. Mark Aurich, the public works superintendent, was also present at the meeting.

The commission approved the sale of Lot 7 to Titan Concrete, a family-owned business. Titan plans to build on the property despite being aware of the utility lines that run beneath it, including a pipeline owned by a Canadian company. The weight of any structure built on the lot could potentially be an issue due to the utilities running underneath.

One of the requirements for building over the pipeline is that Titan must provide documentation outlining every vehicle that could potentially go over it. This requirement was brought up during the meeting by Town Manager David Wilkinson who informed the commission that he had finally been able to reach someone at the Canadian pipeline company.

Lot 7 has been listed at a price of $22,000 and Titan is willing to pay this amount along with putting down $4,000 in earnest money.

Additionally, two resolutions were approved during this meeting which captured all tax increment revenues from various Tax Increment Finance Districts such as Oakwood, Syracuse-Polywood South Benton and Allen Residential Economic Development Areas.

By Samantha Nguyen

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