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Taiwan’s Resilience in the Face of Catastrophe: Lessons Learned and Building Stronger

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 3, 2024
The Aftermath of Taiwan’s 921 Disaster: Anti-Earthquake Efforts

In 1999, Taiwan experienced a devastating earthquake that claimed the lives of over 2,400 people. The tragedy prompted the country to change its construction regulations and focus on strengthening buildings against vibrations. With a magnitude of 7.4, the earthquake occurred in the eastern part of Taiwan, off the coast of the Hualien district. This was the strongest earthquake on the island in 25 years, with the previous major earthquake being the 7.6 magnitude Earthquake 921 in 1999.

Despite its magnitude, many high-rise buildings in Taiwan only tilted instead of collapsing completely during the earthquake. Taiwan is one of the top 10 most earthquake-prone countries in the world, according to Standard & Poor’s. Since then, smaller earthquakes have occurred with fewer casualties. Taiwan has learned valuable lessons from past disasters and is now better prepared to prevent damage in case of a similar large earthquake.

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By Samantha Nguyen

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