• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

The detrimental effects of hindering women’s economic progress


Nov 21, 2023

Tom Harford’s recent article in Life & Arts, published on October 21st, sheds light on how “greedy” jobs can negatively affect women’s earnings. While Harford focuses on high-paying jobs, the impact of this practice extends to part-time work as well. This has far-reaching consequences for women’s careers at all levels and can have long-term effects on their lives.

In addition to the negative financial impact of being labeled as a part-timer, women may also face career limitations and undervaluation of their qualifications and competences. This is not only unfair but also serves as an irrational barrier to women’s performance, given that women now outperform men educationally in many OECD countries.

To address these issues, it is crucial to consider the broader impact of part-time work on women’s careers and advocate for changes that promote more equitable opportunities for women in the workforce. By recognizing the value of part-time work and promoting flexible working arrangements, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women to thrive in their careers.

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