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The Freddie Freeman Clubhouse Dedication: Celebrating the Legendary MVP and His Alma Mater’s Baseball Team

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Freddie Freeman Clubhouse revealed at El Modena following generous $500k donation to alma mater

The 2024 MLB season is just around the corner, and El Modena High School in Orange, California, is celebrating the addition of a new facility that holds special significance for Los Angeles Dodgers star Freddie Freeman. The school has unveiled the Freddie Freeman Clubhouse, which was made possible in part by a $500,000 donation from the former MVP himself.

The clubhouse spans 1,440 square feet and features a locker room, a team meeting area equipped with monitors, a coaches’ office, and expanded batting cages. Freeman shared images of the facility on Instagram alongside the Dodgers, showcasing the locker room and a large mural depicting Freeman in the school’s Vanguard uniform.

The total cost of the project amounted to $1.6 million, with Freeman’s donation standing as the largest sum ever contributed by an individual private donor in Orange Unified School District history. The district chipped in an additional $1.1 million to make Freeman’s vision a reality.

During his time at El Modena High School, Freddie Freeman excelled in varsity baseball as both a batter and pitcher. His impressive stats included hitting .417 with five home runs and 10 stolen bases while also boasting a 6-1 pitching record carrying a 1.27 ERA and striking out 59 batters in just 44 innings. In recognition of his talent on the field, he was named Player of the Year by Orange County Register in 2007 before being selected by Atlanta Braves during that year’s draft in the second round.

Today El Modena High School’s baseball team continues to thrive with recent seasons seeing them achieve records of 14-12-1 last year and 22-10 showing prior to this dedication milestone which honors not only their success but also one of their most celebrated alumni: Freddie Freeman

By Samantha Nguyen

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