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The Genius of Giovanni Bianchini: Inventing the Comma and Simplifying Mathematical Calculations in the 15th Century

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 3, 2024
The invention of the decimal point dates back to at least 1440

In the 15th century, Italian merchant and mathematician Giovanni Bianchini revolutionized calculations by inventing the comma, which is used in decimal numbers. His work with decimals made mathematical calculations significantly easier and more accessible to a broader audience. Bianchini’s innovative use of the decimal point predated a German astronomer’s observation of it by 150 years.

At the time, European astronomers were struggling with complex calculations using the Babylonian system of sixty. Bianchini, who worked for the Este family as both a merchant and an astronomer, developed a new decimal system for measuring distances and dividing units into ten equal parts. This groundbreaking approach to decimals greatly simplified mathematical calculations and influenced later astronomers.

Bianchini’s trigonometric tables showcased his unique approach to astronomy, combining degrees and the 60 system with decimals. This combination proved to be incredibly powerful in calculating angles and distances in space. In short, Bianchini’s work demonstrated the power and simplicity of decimal numbers in mathematical calculations.

By Samantha Nguyen

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