• Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

The Jungle Bunch 2: A Shallow Adventure with Crazed Beavers and Sappy Romance Subplots


Feb 11, 2024
Review: The Jungle Bunch World Tour – An Insane Beaver Causes Chaos in a Simple Animated Sequel | Film Animation

In the follow-up to the underwhelming 2017 French animation film The Jungle Bunch, the plucky protectors of the forest embark on a thrilling but ultimately shallow adventure across the globe to confront a new foe. This time, they face off against a crazed beaver who has brainwashed an army of evil beavers in his quest for complete deforestation of the jungle.

The movie is full of action-packed sequences but falls short on humor, with most jokes revolving around bathroom humor. This may not be suitable for younger audiences, especially with the inclusion of sappy interspecies relationships subplots.

Overall, The Jungle Bunch 2 lacks depth and substance, focusing more on action and slapstick humor rather than delivering a meaningful story. It’s a forgettable addition to the series, offering little beyond its vibrant animation and fast-paced action scenes.

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