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Tragic bus crash in Biograd: Heroic driver saves players, but one life lost


Nov 19, 2023

Tragic news has emerged from Croatia as a bus carrying the players of Primorac and Sloga was involved in an accident on the highway. The bus was en route to Biograd for a scheduled match at 1:30 p.m., but due to unforeseen circumstances, it failed to arrive at the destination.

As per reports from the Dalmatian portal, just after the Pristeg rest stop, the bus suddenly began braking. It is said that the driver became sick. The people from the club immediately rushed to his aid and tried their best to resuscitate him. An ambulance arrived in about 15 minutes, but despite their efforts, they were unable to save him.

Sadly, it is reported that the driver passed away due to a natural death. There were no signs of danger to traffic during this incident. The tragedy occurred around 12 o’clock as informed by the police authorities.

The Dalmatian portal further states that it was fortunate that just before his death, the driver managed to remain composed for a few seconds and steer the bus into the third lane and parked it against a fence, where it came to a stop safely. Unfortunately, there were young players on board who have been affected by this incident deeply.

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