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Tragic Losses in Eastern Ukraine: Two Killed, Six Injured in Russian Attacks and Hospital Shelled


Nov 21, 2023

On Tuesday night, two people were killed and six were wounded in Russian attacks on the eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Kharkiv. The attacks targeted a hospital in Selidove, Donetsk, and a coal mine. Ukrainian officials reported that nine out of ten Russian drones were shot down by Ukrainian air defenses.

In Donetsk, Minister of the Interior Ihor Klimenko announced on Telegram that two hospital buildings were damaged, six civilians were wounded, and there could be more victims under the ruins as clearing continues. One worker died in the coal mine, with four buildings, 19 vehicles, and a power line being damaged. Initially, there were 39 miners trapped, but they have all been pulled out.

Russian occupation forces have captured most of Donetsk, and Moscow seeks to capture the entire region. In Kharkiv, one person was killed in the Russian bombing as reported by the governor of the region Oleh Sinehubov. However Reuters was unable to verify the reports.

The attack involved Shahid-type kamikaze drones of Iranian production and Ukrainian air defenses successfully shot down nine out of ten Russian drones overnight on Tuesday as announced by Ukrainian forces

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