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Unheeded Symptoms: A 19-Year-Old’s Tragic Misdiagnosis Results in Paralysis and Serious Consequences

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 4, 2024
A sudden paralysis struck the 19-year-old boy

In Phu Tho, a 19-year-old man ignored his leg pain and didn’t seek medical attention. Two weeks later, his condition worsened, leading to paralysis of both legs and the loss of movement and feeling.

Dr. Vi Truong Son, the Head of the Surgery Department at Phu Tho General Hospital, shared that an MRI scan revealed an epidural tumor pressing on the patient’s spinal cord, resulting in paralysis. The surgery was performed to remove the tumor and decompress the spinal cord, with no lasting effects for the patient. The tumor was identified as a benign schwannoma.

After surgery, the patient’s legs began to regain feeling and movement. With rehabilitation exercises and physical therapy, he is expected to recover the ability to walk normally soon.

Spinal cord tumors are typically benign but can cause serious consequences if not diagnosed and treated promptly. Symptoms such as back pain, limb weakness, or numbness in the limbs should be taken seriously and addressed immediately to prevent further damage.

By Samantha Nguyen

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