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Unmarried sons: Finding love and companionship


Nov 19, 2023

Dear Mevludin,

I have two sons, both of whom are well-behaved but old and single. I am also old and sick, and I’m worried that they will always remain bachelors. That’s why I’m reaching out to you for advice. Can you please tell me if both of them will eventually find a partner? Thank you very much for your help.

Vesna Madam, your older son is a sensitive person with a stable personality. He is quiet and calm, withdrawn and very positive. He knows what he wants in life and has been dating a serious girl for some time now. Their intentions towards each other are sincere, and he treats her with great manners. She may not come from your hometown, but she is kind-hearted, well-bred, and practical – qualities that attracted him to her. From my perspective, it seems like their relationship will lead to marriage in the near future. Your son will be satisfied and happy when he finally finds someone who can support him through life together. It would be best if you relax and let time take its course – everything will happen at the right moment, including your first grandchild.

The younger son is quite different from his brother in terms of personality traits. He is capricious, energetic, imaginative – always thinking on his feet rather than planning ahead. The girl he dates is moody too – sometimes they get along great; other times they argue about everything from politics to petty things like who cleans the kitchen sink! Despite this up-and-down nature of their relationship, I see some stability coming in the next year or so when another person comes into their lives who will calm them down a bit – someone of similar nature to them: intelligent yet witty; determined yet easygoing; ambitious yet not afraid to take it slow when needed. They have big dreams for themselves and their future together – with the right partner by their side, they can make those dreams come true soon enough! In a few years’ time, I see stability in marriage and family life setting in for them both – they will learn to balance ambition with responsibility while still keeping things fun!

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