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Unprecedented Attack in Damascus: Israel’s Escalation in Conflict with Iran Could Lead to Unintended Consequences

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 4, 2024
The bold move of Israel attacking Iran’s consulate defies a risky taboo

The recent assassination of General Zahedi and other senior officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Damascus is a concerning development that Israel must be cautious about. This event marks a dangerous escalation in the conflict between Israel and Iran, and could lead to unintended consequences if not handled carefully.

In 2021, Israel has carried out a total of 29 airstrikes in Syria, mostly targeting facilities belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Lebanese Hezbollah, and other Iran-aligned militias. While previous attacks did not receive much attention, the thirtieth attack this year was different as it targeted a building next to the Iranian embassy in Damascus, which housed the consular department. This attack is unprecedented and could have serious repercussions for both sides.

The attack on the consulate specifically targeted Mohammed Reza Zahedi, Iran’s top general in Lebanon and Syria, along with his deputy and other officers of the Quds Brigades. The killing of Zahedi marks the highest-ranking Iranian officer to be killed since General Qassem Soleimani, highlighting the controversial nature of targeted attacks on foreign military leaders. Israel was aware of the risks associated with such actions but chose to proceed with them anyway.

It is important to note that while Iran has a military presence in Syria that poses a threat to Israel, both countries have shown a reluctance to engage in full-scale warfare against each other. However, if Israel continues down this path of escalation without careful consideration for its actions, it may push Iran into taking more aggressive measures that could lead to an all-out conflict neither side wants or can handle.

Therefore, Israel must tread carefully when dealing with this situation and consider the long-term consequences of its actions. It is important for both sides to work towards de-escalation rather than further provocation if they are hoping for peace and stability in the region.

Overall, while it is understandable that Israel wants to protect itself from perceived threats posed by Iran’s presence in Syria, any action taken must be thoughtfully considered and executed with caution if they are hoping for lasting peace between these two nations.

By Samantha Nguyen

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