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Vikings Offensive Coordinator Wes Phillips: Facing Legal and Professional Consequences for DUI Arrest

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 2, 2024
Vikings suspend Offensive Coordinator Wes Phillips for three weeks after his December arrest

In December, Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Wes Phillips was arrested for speeding and tested positive for blood-alcohol levels above the state’s legal limit of 0.08%. Despite his arrest, Phillips continued to join the team on their flight to Las Vegas and did not face any disciplinary action during the regular season.

Phillips was pulled over by the Minnesota State Patrol and showed signs of impairment during the stop. His blood-alcohol level tested at 0.10%, which is above the legal limit in Minnesota. He was arrested on December 8th and released from Hennepin County jail the next day after posting a $300 bond.

The arrest prompted disappointment from Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell, who expressed his care for Phillips despite his mistake. However, due to his suspension, Phillips missed a significant portion of the team’s pre-draft preparation and the beginning of their offseason strength and conditioning program.

Phillips admitted his error during a press conference in December, vowing to learn from it and accept any discipline that came his way. In February, he pleaded guilty to careless driving charges, which included one year of probation, a $378 fine, and eight hours of community service. The son of former NFL head coach Wade Phillips and grandson of Bum Phillips, Phillips acknowledged his actions have consequences beyond just football.

By Samantha Nguyen

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