• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Weather Update for Tomorrow: Mild Temperatures and Potential Snowfall


Nov 20, 2023

Croatia’s weather forecast for the upcoming week is promising a change in the atmosphere. On Monday, expect a strengthening of the south wind with warmer temperatures and new cloud cover. There will be some rainfall, particularly in northern Adriatic and mountainous regions.

On Tuesday, there will be a strong storm in northern Croatia, turning from a strong south wind to a stormy one. Temperatures will drop gradually, and snow is expected in mountainous areas. Wednesday may see snow in some places as well, with windy and cold conditions.

However, by Thursday, the weather is predicted to become more stable and calmer. There may be morning temperatures below freezing and foggy conditions. In eastern Croatia, there will be partly sunny skies with light winds, while central Croatia may experience foggy mornings with temperatures between 0 and 5°C. The northern Adriatic highlands will see cloudy skies with rain becoming more frequent in the evening. Dalmatia will have moderate cloud cover and some rain towards the end of the day. In the south, there will be gradual cloud cover with moderate south winds and temperatures ranging from 16 to 18°C.

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