• Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Weld County’s Groundbreaking GHOSTmark Technology: A Pioneering Approach to Election Security


Feb 13, 2024
New Voting Security Technology Piloted in Weld County

In the 2023 election, Weld County introduced an innovative security measure to protect the integrity of the electoral process. For the first time in its history, the county implemented GHOSTmark technology on paper ballots. This new technology features high resolution images that can only be seen with special equipment. With over 222,064 active registered voters, Weld County served as a pilot program for this unique security feature.

The introduction of GHOSTmark technology marked a significant step in ensuring the security and integrity of elections in Weld County. The special paper stock used for ballots contained high resolution images that could only be seen with special equipment, adding an extra layer of security to the election process. This innovative approach was aimed at preventing fraud and protecting the rights of voters.

Weld County’s decision to implement this unique security feature was part of a pilot program aimed at testing its effectiveness and potential for future use. The county’s goal was to ensure that this technology could be successfully integrated into future elections while maintaining transparency and accuracy. Overall, the implementation of GHOSTmark technology represents a major advancement in protecting the integrity of elections in Weld County and beyond.

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