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Young Science Communicator Danna Ximena Astro Inspires Girls in STEM at Festival and National Planetarium


Feb 13, 2024
Planetarium named after Luis Enrique Erro

Danna Ximena Astro, a 15-year-old science communicator, recently gave a talk at the Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium of the National Polytechnic Institute as part of the Festival of Women and Girls in Science. During her talk, she discussed NASA’s mission Sagebrush, which aims to take humans back to the Moon. She emphasized the importance of women’s role in space exploration and how their contributions have been vital in advancing our understanding of the universe.

Danna Ximena Astro is known for her passion for science communication and her dedication to inspiring others with her knowledge. Her YouTube channel, @dannaximenaastro420, features interviews with scientists, historical data, and new scientific projects. Through her presentations and online platform, she continues to spread awareness about the wonders of science and its potential to improve our lives.

Her talk at the Planetarium was well-received by the audience and further solidified her role as a young and influential science communicator. As she continues to share her knowledge with others, Danna Ximena Astro remains an inspiration to many who are passionate about science and its potential to change the world.

The Festival of Women and Girls in Science provides an opportunity for young girls to learn about STEM fields and connect with other like-minded individuals. It also serves as a reminder that women have played a crucial role in advancing scientific knowledge throughout history. By highlighting this fact during her talk at the Planetarium, Danna Ximena Astro encouraged others to pursue careers in STEM fields and contribute their unique perspectives towards making a positive impact on society.

In conclusion, Danna Ximena Astro is an up-and-coming scientist communicator who has already made significant contributions in spreading awareness about science through various platforms. Her passion for science communication is evident in every presentation she delivers, inspiring others to pursue careers in STEM fields while promoting gender equality in science exploration.

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